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27 Settembre 2017

Chinese Influencers? Livestreamer.

Everyday we are used to hearing about bloggers and influencers who through their social profiles communicate with fans, but what happens out of our nation? In China, it is depopulating a brand new phenomenon called […]
20 Settembre 2017

Instagram experiences Canvas ads within the Stories feed

Last year, Facebook announced that it would bring the “immersive advertising” format (already on Facebook) even on Instagram. He is beginning to do so. More than a year after Facebook said it wanted to extend […]
13 Settembre 2017

Snapchat vs Instagram

The fight between Instagram and Snapchat is getting more and more interesting, but for the app with the little ghost things are getting bad. One year since launch, Instagram’s stories have increased social use to […]
12 Settembre 2017

Social Media, Cross and Delight of the Brand

The reputation of a brand can grow exponentially through social networks, but it can also be destroyed in a few clicks. Companies must keep in mind that this risk exists and be prepared to respond […]
1 Settembre 2017

Amazon creates its own Social Network

Spark is the social network launched by Amazon, users place it in half between Pinterest and Instagram. Spark allows its members to sell and buy products on its platforms. This social network is only available […]
1 Settembre 2017
Martina Chiella - INSIDE

A Summer Story, Martina Chiella with Inside

Our influencer attended one of the most important festivals of the year in Madrid, with her, all the clothing signed by Inside Well done “A Summer Story“, a well-known electronic music festival held in Madrid. […]
31 Agosto 2017

Snapchat and Instagram “steal” young Facebook users

According to eMarketer, tweens and teenagers are abandoning Facebook to opt for younger platforms such as Snapchat and Instagram. Overall, Facebook will grow to 173 million people in 2017, an increase of 2.4% compared with […]
28 Agosto 2017
Lorenzo - #leffepernorcia

Leffe Beer presents the #leffepernorcia project

Leffe, Belgian abbey beer born more than 770 years ago, presents the bottle #leffepernorcia, a limited edition of Leffe Blonde. Distributed exclusively in Italy, the limited edition is the central element of the initiative designed […]